Trisodium Phosphate

Formula: Na3PO4

Molecular Weight: 163.94

Melting Point: 73.5oC - decomposed


State at Room Temperature: Solid in a white granular powder form.

Molecular or Ionic Compound: Ionic

Molecular Geometry: Trigonal

Bond Description:

Uses: Cleaning agent, stain remover, and degreaser.
Commonly used to prepare surfaces for painting.
Can also be found as a food additive.

Other Information: Molar Mass- 380.1243 g/mol
Density-1.620 g/cm3
Solubility in Water- 15 g/100 ml (0oC)
PH- 11.5-12.5 (1% sol.)
damages environment.
can cause severe eye damage and can burn unprotected skin.
highly water-soluble ionic salt.

Image: 200px-Trisodium_phosphate_hydrate.jpg

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