Sodium Peroxide

1.Formula: Na2O2

2.Molecular Weight:77.98

3.Mlting Point:4600C

4. Boiling Point:6570C 5.State of room temp.: Liquid


7.Molecular Goementary: Crystal Sturcture

8. Give a description:White granules.

9. Gvie tis use:Given its strong oxidation properties, sodium peroxide is used to bleach wood pulp for the production of paper. It has also been used for the extraction of minerals from various ores. Sodium peroxide may go by the commercial names of Solozone 2and Flcool3. In chemistry preparations, sodium peroxide is used as an oxidative reagent.

10.Any other information that you think is interesting:Sodium peroxide will also set fire to many organic liquids on contact (particularly alcohols and glycols), and reacts violently with powdered metals and numerous other compounds after minimal initiation.


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