Sodium Nitrite

The formula for sodium nitrite is NaNO2. The molecular weight of this compound is 69.00g/mol. The melting point is 2700C. The boiling point is 3200C. At room temperature Sodium Nitrite is a solid white figure, which is ionic. It has trigonal geometry to it. Some characteristics are it is a color fixative; it's used in dyeing and printing textile fabrics and bleaching fibers. When it's pure it's a white to slightly yellow crystaline powder. It's very soluable in water and hydroscopic. Also, it's a strong reducing agent. It preserves fish and meat, and prevents the growth of bacteria. Another thing it does is it increases blood flow by dialating blood vessels. It's used in laxative, vasodilater, bronchodilator, and an antidote for cyanide poinsioning.

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