Sodium Chromate
  • Formula- Na2CrO4
  • molecular weight- 234.03
  • melting point- 792 C
  • boining point- no information found
  • state at room temperature- solid
  • molecular or ionic- ionic
  • molecular geometry- crystal structure
  • description- yellow, deliquescent crystals, odorless
  • uses of compound- indicated for use in determining red blood cell volume or mass, studying red blood cell survival time (in conditions such as hemolytic anemia), and evaluating blood loss.
  • extra information- hazardous, may cause fire, corrosive, causes severe burns to every area of contact, harmful if swallowed or inhaled, affects the respiratory system, liver, kidneys, eyes, skin, and blood, may cause allergic reaction, can cause cancer, risk of cancer depends on duration and level of exposure.46169.JPG
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