Sodium acetate

Sodium Acetate

1) The formula for is NaC2H3O2
2) The molecular weight is 82.034 amu.
3) The melting point is 97.72 0Cand 207.9 0F
4) The boiling point is 883 0Cand 1621 0F
5) The state at room temperature is solid
6) It is ionic
7) The molecular geometry is
8) Description: silvery white
9) It is used for salt, soap, lead, baking soda, paper, glass, textile, pertoleum, and lamps on street lights
10) extra information: It was discovered by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1807 in England, it comes from the english word "soda", until the 18th century there was no distinction between sodium and potassium

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