Potassium Dichromate

The formula for potassium dichromate is K2Cr2O7. It's molecular weight is 294.19 g/mol. The melting point is 3980C. The boiling point is 5000C decomp. Potassium dichromate's state at room temperature is solid. Potassium dichromate is ionic. It's molecular geometry is tetrahedral. Potassium dichromate is crystalline ionic solid with a vivid red-orange color. It's uses include dyeing, staining, tanning leather, as bleach, oxidiser, depolariser for dry cells, etc. Medically it has been used externally as an astringent, antiseptic, and caustic. When taken internally, it is a corrosive poison. It has also been used in photographic screening and as an anti-pain remedy in homeopathy. Finally, it is used ini ethonal determination. Potassium dichromate is poisonous and hazardous to health.

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