manganese sulfate

Compound Chemical Formula:MnSO4

Molecular Weight: 169.02

Melting Point: 700 0C; 1292 0F

Boiling Point: 850 0C; 1562 0F

State at Room Temperature: Grey/Pink Crystalline Powder

Ionic Compound

Molecular Geometry: Octahedral

Uses of Compound: Manganese Sulfate is used in fertilizers, feed additives, paints, varnishes, ceramic, textile dyes, medicines, and fungicides.

Any other useful information: Health Hazards for Manganese Sulfate if swallowed, it may cause gastro intestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. If contact with eyes, it may cause a mild eye irritation. If contact with the skin, it may cause skin irritation. If inhaled it may cause a respiratory tract irritation

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