Magnesium Oxide

1. Formula- MgO
2. Molecular Weight- 40.30 k
3. Melting Point- 3073 k (2800 C. )
4. Boiling Point- 3873 k (3600 C. )
5. State at room temperature- N/A
6. Molecular or ionic compound?- Molecular
7. Molecular Geometry- Crystal Structure
8-Descriptions and Information-Magnesium oxide occurs as a very bulky white powder, known as light magnisium oxide, or as a relatively dense, white powder, known as heavy magnesium, oxide. Five grams of light magnesium oxide occupy a volume of approximately 40 to 50 ml, while 5 g of heavy magnesium
oxide occupy a volume of approximately 10 to 20 ml.
9. Uses- As a neutralizing agent.
10. Molar Mass- 40.3044 g
Density- 3.58 g/cm cube
Solubility on Waters- 0.0086 g / 100 ML

11. Image-

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