Calcium Chloride

1. chemical formula - CaCl2

2. molecular weight - 110.98

3. melting point - 772c(1422f)

4. boiling point - >1600c(>2912f)

5. state @ room temp. - solid

6. compound or ionic - ionic

7. molecular geometry -

8. bond discription - ionic bond- high bond dissociation energy

9. its uses -
•Base stabilization for road construction
•Freeze-proofing sand for winter road application
•Sewage purification aid, flocculent, removal of phosphates and fluorides
•Grouting agent for mines and oil wells
•Environmental additive for cement kilns
•Nitrogen inhibitor for plant fertilizers
•Salt substitute in animal feed (as a supplement or for calcium deficiency)
•Organic calcium fertilizer
•Drilling muds
•Refrigeration fluid
•Liquid odor control
•Soil pH adjuster
•Antifreeze for recreation vehicles, curling & skating rinks and more…

10. other useful info. - Calcium chloride is an irritant, particularly on moist skin. Wear gloves and goggles or a full face shield to protect hands and eyes; avoid inhalation.

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