Barium Sulfate


Barium sulfate (or barium sulphate) is a white crystalline solid . It is poorly soluble in water and other traditional solvents but is soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid.

Molecular Weight: 233.39

Melting Point: 15800 C

Boiling Point: 16000 C

state at room temperature: Solid

Ionic compound

Molecular Geometry : Tetrahedral

Compound uses

Barium sulfate is used as a filler in plastics and as a component of oil well drilling fluid to increase the density.
It is used in brake linings, acoustic foams and powder coatings
Barium sulfate is also used during the procedure of the soil pH test. In this test it is used so that it precipitates out any particles (usually clay particles) which would otherwise 'cloud' solution preventing one from seeing the color of the pH indicator i.e. the result of the test.
It is used in root canal filling.
In colorimetry barium sulfate is used as a near-perfect diffuser when measuring light sources.



Stones made from impure barium sulfate glow when exposed to light and will glow in the dark for up to
six hours

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