Barium Hydroxide

1) Formula: Barium Hydroxide - Ba(OH)2

2) Molecular Weight: 171.34amu

3) Melting Point: 78oC

4) Boiling point: 780oC

5) State at Room Temperature: Solid - White Granule

6) Molecular or Ionic?: Ionic

7) Molecular Gemometry: Trigonal Planar

8) Any Characteristics: Corrosive, Burns, Harmfull if comes in contact with skin or eyes

9) Uses: Used in thermoplastics, rasons, and PVC stabalizers to improve plastic properties. Lubrecents and greases, sugar production, manufacturing soaps, fat saponification, fusing of silicates and chemical synthesis fo other barium compounds and organic compounds

10) Any additional information: N/A

11) Image:

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